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You get the idea! Welcome to Vancouver, our beloved city. Lucky you, you have arrived at a pivotal moment in the history of this particular city, and cities in general around North America.

We discovered the bicycle. Yes, it has been around since 1819 or so. We know it got its pedals in 1860. But it is only in the last decade that Vancouver, along with many other North American cities, has truly embraced the bicycle

And what an embrace. Entire lanes on city bridges are being torn up and turned into bicycle only lanes. Separated bike lanes are replacing parking spots throughout the city. Love it or hate it, in the last five years Vancouver’s downtown core has become one of the most bike friendly places in North America.

Lucky you! Want to go for a bike ride? Perfect timing!

Our tours begin at our studio in the stadium district of Vancouver at 889 Expo Blvd. From here we travel to various points of interest through historic neighborhoods, beautiful parks, First Nations landmarks and fantastic architecture all connected by the longest continuous seawall in North America. Our daytime tours go to Stanley Park, Granville Island, The Vancouver Seawall and other points of interest. Our evening tour heads to Granville Island via the seawall and then arrives at the perfect sunset destination of English Bay.

We will visit a stand of totems, a stand of ancient red cedar trees, and the last stand of a family of Canadian beavers as we transit Stanley Park. You will want to pull the camera out frequently during this phase of the tour! Please, under no circumstances feed any wildlife, be it ducks, squirrels, beavers or deer, all of which are frequently seen in the park. Especially don’t feed the bears, though bear sightings are infrequent, they are seen almost every  year in Stanley Park. You will also likely see our local population of great blue herons which populate the park year round.
Riding past the beaches on the west shore of Stanley Park we emerge at English Bay, Vancouver’s most popular public beach. Note the palm trees. In Canada! Palm trees! We still can’t get over it ourselves. From here we have a few options, depending on the time. We may go to Granville Island via Aquabus, or over the Burrard Bridge. Both offer views of different sorts. On Granville Island, we will take a lunch break of around 45 minutes. Bring some change for the public entertainment. Someone is surely to be escaping from a straitjacket while jugglilng chainsaws or riding a tall unicycle during your visit.
Leaving Granville Island behind we will head down the south side of False Creek, again  on Vancouver’s extensive network of seawalls. We will squeeze in as much historic Chinatown as time allows, otherwise it’s back to the studio to put the bikes away, say goodbye to new friends, and if you like, take a quick shower at our  fitness facility.

We hope we will leave you with memories, a list of places to visit, and of course a bunch of new friends!

See you soon!