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How long is the tour?

We will ride for around 5 hours on our tours, plus or minus 30 minutes.

Where does the tour depart from?

All of our tours depart from our studio at 889 Expo Blvd. Vancouver. See our “find us” page for directions.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are required, however you can make them the day of the tour if there is space available. If you do not have a reservation on the day that you would like to join a tour, we suggest giving us a call at least an hour before the tour departure time at 604.306.5965

What type of terrain do you ride on?

Vancouver is home to some of Canada’s best cycling city routes and trails.  Our tours involve riding on city streets, both protected and unprotected bike paths, and some flat gravel riding. The route is intended to suit beginner to intermediate riders. We ride at a leisurely pace to make sure that everyone is comfortable while also able to take in the beautiful views. Where there are climbs on our route they are typically very short (such as up a pedestrian/cycling overpass) and the bike can be pushed up it with no delay to the group.

How many guests are on a tour group?

We like to keep our group sizes on the small side, with a cap of 12 riders. If sufficient notice is given, it is possible to increase the tour size to accommodate larger groups.

We require a minimum of two guests on a public tour.

What should I bring?

– Sunscreen you prefer (we also have some at the studio).

– Cycling appropriate footwear. We recommend rubber soled closed-toed flat shoes.

– Appropriate layers and jackets if it’s a cooler or wet day. Bring gloves from October to March.

– Camera.

– Cash for souvenirs and lunch.

We provide helmets, optional baskets, locks and always ride with a first aid kit.

Do you have showers?

Headed out to dinner after your tour? Jumping right onto your plane? No sweat (literally) as we operate out of our spin studio Cyklus Vancouver. There are showers, towels, hairdryers and premium Skoah hair and skin products. We even have lockers where you can leave things behind during your tour.

Are gratuities expected?

On public tours gratuities are neither expected or included. Tips are very much appreciated by your local, experienced tour guide.

Where does the tour start?

Our tours start and end at Cyklus Vancouver located at 889 Expo Blvd, in the heart of the stadium district. You can find more specific directions on our directions page or on Google Maps.

Where can I park?

Our building has several hundred parking stalls. You can enter the car park from Beatty Street if coming from downtown or from Expo Blvd if coming from East of Vancouver.


What kind of bikes do you have?

Our bikes are built to ride in Vancouver! They started life as seven speed Specialized Alibis to which we added clip on baskets, fenders kickstands, and sweet sounding bells. Chimes, really.

Vancouver is in a rain forest, and while it is almost always warm, it is sometimes wet, and our bikes are equipped with the best fender we know: the Specialized Dry-Tech. These fenders are actually wind tunnel tested: yes, Specialized owns a wind tunnel.

There isn’t a drier ride around. If the sky is shedding some of our famous “liquid sunshine” on the day of your tour, don’t worry! You will have a great opportunity to find out what a pleasant experience a rainy day bike ride can be!

Can I bring my own bike?

Absolutely! Please make sure it is in good repair and the tires are pumped up. Bring a flat kit as well, as our tour bikes have puncture proof tires so we don’t actually carry tire repair equipment.

You may also bring helmets, cycling gloves, and other cycling gear, or use ours as you like!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, in fact it is the law in British Columbia that you do.

Bring your own or use ours, no problem!

Do I need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes please! Our tours are safe, and our guides know first aid, but we do require a liability waiver to participate in either our tours or our fitness programs.

Safety is our number one priority during the tour of course! Please understand that it begins with your attention to the road, path, pedestrians, other cyclists and cars.

Are the tours on rain or shine?

Absolutely! Vancouverites practically  invented gore-tex. We love the rain: if we didn’t, we would probably live somewhere else. It keeps the city clean and the trees green.

However we know that our enthusiasm for rain riding is not always shared. If rain is not to your liking, and it is raining one hour before the tour start time, you may cancel and receive a full refund.

Further, in the event of an extreme weather event we will cancel the tour and you will receive a refund.

Do you rent bikes?

Bike rentals happen through our friends over at Spokes. They are the oldest and best bike rental shop in Vancouver. Mention that you took a tour with us and they will give you a 15% discount just for being awesome!

Are your tours kid friendly?

All kids are different. If your family has a few, we recommend booking a private tour. If you wish to join our regular tour, we can accommodate your small ones one of two ways: either a trail a bike, or a tandem. If your children are riding age or you wish to arrange a tandem or trail a bike, please give us a call so we can discuss your needs.